Monday, March 16, 2009


From the Fox Theatre:

Dear BSG Fans,

Although we originally obtained approval from NBC Universal, the individual who provided this approval was not authorized to do so. When scheduling the finale at the theatre we were operating in good faith, believing that the rights had been properly cleared.

NBC Universal is not authorizing a public screening of the Battlestar Galactica finale. In screening the finale at the theatre, we would be in violation of copyright law and will be subject to legal action by NBC Universal.

We are deeply disappointed with this outcome. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Please inform anyone else who purchased a ticket that the screening is cancelled.

Refunds will be available at point of purchase starting Friday March 20th.


I'd like to personally apologize for this - as far as I was aware, the situation had been sorted out. I hope everyone is able to enjoy the finale, wherever they end up for it.


  1. How does one end up speaking with a fake NBC rep as opposed to a real one?

    It is unfortunate that this has happened so close to the screening. I can see with more time, and speaking to the right people, not just some flaks, that you might still have gotten.

    How does this not benefit NBC? This is like free promotion for a show that unfortunately some people don't yet know about.

    I can understand the concern if this were a movie, but I would like NBC to tell me the difference between this and inviting a dozen friends over to watch the finale.

    "On Friday March 20th, starting 8:30 ET SPACE and The Circuit will be hosting a screening party for the Battlestar Galactica Finale"

    I just found out about this. I guess the reason this is happening is because the Space channel has rights to the show. But still, it makes you wonder if it is possible for others.

    Frak. I am going to call Rogers and see if I can get Space for a day.

  2. I already wrote NBC Universal at to suggest that canceling a fan-organized event focused on their biggest fans is unlikely to generate good word of mouth.

  3. I actually talked to both Space and NBC/Universal. Space couldn't give permission, though they were behind the idea, and might have worked with us with more time.

    The rep was not a fake rep, however the NBC/Uni rep I spoke to apparently was either mistaken or stepped across a line. I did everything possible to contact the people in question.

    The questions you have are good ones; still trying to figure out how it's kosher in Portland and Austin, not in Toronto.

  4. Yeah there was a screw up but thanks a bunch for trying as it was an excellent idea.

    There is nothing like seeing a finale with a bunch of fans.

  5. Yeah, I am just disappointed. Thank you for the effort guys. I am also going to write

    I want to hear from this NBC rep who crossed the line/flubbed. How do you not double and triple check something that involves distribution rights and possible law suits?

  6. From a legal point of view, if you have permission in writing, can they really take it back? The rep you spoke to made a commitment on the part of the company.

  7. Someone should ask the Fox theatre to put up a statement about this on their site. I only heard about this through word of mouth, and when I went to the Fox site to confirm, all I found was that the Galactica screening was conspicuously absent.

    I'm gutted, though. I was really excited about watching the finale with a pile of other fans. Thanks to the organizers for trying to sort this out.

    As for why it's okay in Portland and Austin, but not in Toronto, the answer is simple: NBC/Universal hates Canada :)
    Just try to watch some of the online video clips from any of their shows and you'll see what I'm talking about ;)

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    Well put.